Roses are red, violets are blue, we hate v-day, so here's a shirt for you...

It’s Valentines Day... In honor of this grossly optimistic “holiday” we’re bringing you the Palm design. The future is bleak, mercury is, and always will be in retrograde. Heartache is imminent. 

We couldn’t think of anything sadder than a couple of downers hanging out in the desert, so we took a trip to southern california with the new design and some of the most bummed out dudes we know. 

Designed by bad boy Derek Nobbs, who is as equally talented as he's disappointed in all that life has to offer. 

This bummer of a design was just launched in our shop... Don’t listen to "the Man" and buy roses for someone you “love"... buy something for yourself instead.

From our cold hearts to yours,

Breyell Payne