Q: "Your site told me shipping would be 1-3 days... it's been 4. Where's my order?"

A: Great question! The 1-3 day shipping quote is from USPS, and that's after we pack your items and drop them off. We also own/operate other small businesses and our shop in addition to All Bad Days, so please understand that we will do it as quickly as possible, but sometimes that means a few days because we are humans who sometimes need a break so that we don't end up hating what we love.

Q: "My tracking number says my package was delivered, but there's nothing here. Can I get a refund or replacement?!

A: We're sorry this happened! Please email us and we can check your tracking/original mailing address. There could be a few solutions to solving this! 1. you might've entered the address incorrectly at the time of your purchase (we get a lot of late night, wine drunk purchases) this means it might take a little while (sometimes weeks) to get returned to us, we'll keep an eye out and email you if/when we see it back at HQ. 2. contact your closest USPS branch, they might be able to get you in touch with your carrier to see if it was in fact delivered and how to go about retrieving your item if it were misaplaced. *NOTE* at this point, any errors made by carriers/customers cannot be refunded or replaced at this time. We are still a super small company and will only offer refunds/replacements if the error occurred on our end. Thanks for your understanding.

Q: "I want to buy something, but I don't want to pay for shipping! Do you have merch in any shops?"

A: Yes!

- Wooden Tooth Records in Tucson, AZ on 4th Ave.

- Denver Museum of Contemporary Art in Denver, CO inside their gift shop

Q: "Hey, I have a shop in [city name] called [shop name], and I'd like to carry your rad stuff! Do you have wholesale pricing?"

A: Yes! We love doing wholesale. Please direct all wholesale requests to breyell@allbaddays.com!